Things to Check in Your Home to Prepare for Spring

Similar to human beings, the exterior of our homes is severely affected during the winter seasons. While the temperature rises and the snow melts, it is essential to check some parts of your home so that you can get your home ready properly for spring. Here’s a list of what you should pay attention to: 

The stairs and balcony 

Keep in mind to strengthen your stair railings and check signs of mold, cracks, or crumbling.  

The gutters 

With the melting snow and spring rains, make sure to check your downspouts and gutters. Guarantee that they are well attached isn’t obstructed by any debris. The splash blocks must be directed away from the foundation and the exits must also be clear. 

The roof 

Your roof has undergone a lot of different types of weather conditions. A quick inspection can actually save you from lots of problems. When you have a pitched roof, do a visual checkup to verify that you don’t have damaged shingles so that you can prevent the dangers of water infiltration. Moreover, assess the conditions of your flashings, skylights, and chimney seals. Make sure that you’re trained to safely perform these kinds of inspection if you cannot do so while you’re on the ground. 

The French drain 

Take this spring cleaning a chance to make sure that your French drain is properly working. If your French drain is correctly installed, it must run well for almost 30 years. Different indicators can mean that your French drain should be changed.  

The grounds 

Once the snow melts, it can result in the accumulation of water. Hence, you have to always inspect your ground for this. Check the slopes and guarantee that the soils that surround your foundation aren’t sinking. When it’s not as level as it’s supposed to, you need to have it filled with soil.  

During sunny days, do your lawn a favor and start raking debris and dead leaves and also never forget to prep your flower beds. Moreover, this is an ideal time to reseed your lawn where required and to put good fertilizers as well. As much as possible, make sure to just utilize eco-friendly products. Even if your lawn may not be a similar level as a golf course, you’ll definitely take part in guaranteeing biodiversity, which is great for our planet earth. 

The foundation 

Your home’s base is the foundation, where your property rests. Paying attention to the condition of your foundation is a must. Hence, make sure to check for cracks, crumbling, and humidity on both outdoors and indoors of your home. These can be indications of a problem with water infiltration. Never hesitate to get some recommendations from an expert if you think that your foundation has damage. This is the greatest way for you to prevent the issues to get worse that can possibly result in more damage. Also, if you can observe cracking on it, make sure to avail of foundation crack repair Glendale from the expert masons.